DVR Surveillance

Anova Microsystems, an authorized HuperLaboratories distributor, prides itself on providing customers with one of the richest and cost-effective surveillance solutions available to the channel. Anova gives customers the option to choose from all of the available feature-rich products that you come to expect from huperLabs.

huperVision 4000 programs are available in HuperLab DVR cards, which provides advanced DVR functions, such as Missing & Left Object Detections, Flow Counting, Flame Detection, PTZ Camera Auto Tracking, Remote DVR control, Mobile Surveillance, and Central Management Station.

HuperVision 4000 Overview
HuperVision 4000

HuperVision 4000 is Huper Laboratories' advanced and extensive digital video surveillance system for large-scaled, or commercial securities, including retail, industry sites, public sectors, travel & transit spots, and warehousing, etc. Other than conventional DVR functions, hupervision 4000 offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis, such as smart search and object detection, and PTZ camera auto tracking and direct control as well. In addition, huperVision 4000 offers Full D1 Real-Time solutions.