New monitoring system with radar level sensor set to change IBCs are managed

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J.April 2, 2024

Anova, the global leader in remote monitoring of industrial assets, is excited to announce the launch of its Universal Tank Monitor with Radar Level Sensor. This technology is gaining attention in the industrial sector, specifically for companies managing liquids in IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). It’s expected to significantly reduce container waste as well as streamline how these businesses track and manage their IBCs.

“This Universal Tank Monitor with Radar Level Sensor represents a significant leap forward in IBC monitoring,” noted Gregg Berres, Chief Revenue Officer of Anova. “Many IBCs are used only once and traditional sensors and floats are not suitable for IBC monitoring. However, we are seeing a shift in the industry to reusable IBCs. Because of this shift, companies, now more than ever, need the ability to monitor tank levels and location. With our radar level sensor technology, we can report liquid levels through the wall of the container, while knowing exactly where the tank is at any given moment.”

Universal Tank Monitor With Radar Level Sensor

The product, launched April 1st, 2024, is designed to be integrated with existing chemical distribution infrastructure. The software is configured to provide a tailored solution to optimize logistics, supply chain, and delivery operations for chemical distributors.