Industrial Gases, Oil & Gas, Beverage CO2, Liquified Natural Gas, Rail, Other Industries

North America, Worldwide

DOLV3 is a fully redundant, easy-to-use online management system for monitoring and managing industrial assets around the globe.

Key Features

  • Highly scalable - can manage asset populations up to hundreds of thousands
  • Housed at a Tier 1 data storage facility to provide the most reliable Industrial Internet of Things service available
  • Integrates data coming from multiple sources: GSM, CDMA, satellite, landline
  • Extensive capabilities to exchange and share data with external systems such as SAP
Monitor fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world

DOLV3 is integrated with Google Maps and Baidu Maps to provide a geographical interface for managing industrial assets. Track and monitor using features like breadcrumb trails (that trace the route that an asset has taken) and geo-fencing (providing notifications when deviations from a predetermined route occur).

Better decision-making with detailed, up-to-date reporting and alerts

DOLV3 provides standard and customizable reports, including alerts - based on conditions that you configure - for early detection and avoidance of costly incidents such as product stockouts or pending equipment failure, providing the maximum amount of time for corrective action. Alerts can be delivered by email, text, desktop application, or custom interface to your internal systems.