Intrinsically Safe Fluid Tank Monitor (Anova FTM-IS)

Chemicals, Fuels & Lubricants, Propane, Oil & Gas

North America

The FTM-IS provides accurate and reliable tank monitoring across a range of hazardous environments, including chemicals, oils, lubricants and fuel. Future-proofed with LTE communications technology, the FTM-IS is installed in minutes and provides distributors with up-to-date visibility of customer inventory levels via desktop or mobile devices.

  • Intrinsically safe (IS C1D1)
  • Easy installation, flexible mounting options
  • Accommodates a wide range of tanks
  • Available on multiple cellular networks

High-reliability sensors regularly check tank conditions

Measurements and alerts are communicated wirelessly to secure cloud platform

View readings, build forecasts, create reports, and manage hardware settings

Schedule efficient deliveries and respond quickly to customer needs

Dimensions 180 x 165 x 102 mm/ 7.1" x 6.5" x4.0"
Radio LTE CAT-M1
Sensor & Gauge Input Submersible pressure sensors
Power Inputs Primary lithium battery
Battery Life 5-year warranty (daily reporting)
Reporting Schedule Daily typical, configurable
Material Polycarbonate
Temperature Range -40C to +60C
International Protection Marking IP68 (submersible)