Chemicals, Fuels & Lubes, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water

Available Globally

The u.Sensor is a solution designed to measure the liquid level of stationary tanks. It can measure a variety of liquids, from water to fuels and wasted oils. Its modular architecture can support 2G, 3G and Lora communication schemes. The measurement technology is based on an ultrasonic sensor that can measure tanks that have until 3 meters height with an accuracy of 1 centimetre.

  • Accurate, reliable tank level monitoring
  • GPRS/SMS communication (u.Sensor.2G.586 and u.Sensor.3G.733) and Lora communication (u.Sensor.Lora.766)
  • Spot & continuous inventory management
  • Programmable reporting interval
  • Remote configurability
  • Easy to install
  • Minimum 1 year warranty

High-reliability sensors regularly check tank conditions

Measurements and alerts are communicated wirelessly to secure cloud platform

View readings, build forecasts, create reports, and manage hardware settings

Schedule efficient deliveries and respond quickly to customer needs

Dimensions 150mm x 101mm x 93mm
Radio 2G, 3G, LoRa
Sensor & Gauge Input
Power Inputs 4 C LR14 Alkaline 1.5V (for 2G & 3G) / 3.6V Li- SOCI2 size 2/3AA (LoRa)
Battery Life > 5 years (2G, 3G) / 14 years (LoRa)
Reporting Schedule
Temperature Range '-20ºC to 50ºC
International Protection Marking IP67 - outdoors