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With over 100,000 installed worldwide, the DPW400 has set the standard in industrial IoT. It's compatible with a range of add-on modules to provide customized, cost-effective solutions.

  • Integrated with Google Maps for geographical interface and mapping
  • Exchange and share data with external systems like SAP
  • Over The Air Programmable (OTAP)
  • Extensive notification and alert capability to prevent run-outs
  • Standard and customizable reports to track inventory and visualize trends
  • Efficient, low-power design for long battery life
  • Class I, Division II (groups ABCD)
  • 24/7 technical support and training

High-reliability sensors regularly check tank conditions

Measurements and alerts are communicated wirelessly to secure cloud platform

View readings, build forecasts, create reports, and manage hardware settings

Schedule efficient deliveries and respond quickly to customer needs

Dimensões 170mm x 140mm x 95mm / 6.7" x 5.5" x 3.76"
Radio 3G SMS, 4G LTE in development
Entradas de sensor e medidor Level (differential pressure) and optional pressure
Entrada de alimentação Primary lithium battery
Vida da Bateria Configuration dependent, up to 5 years with typical configuration
Cronograma de relatórios Hourly log, twice daily transmit typical, however configurable from 5m to 24hr
Material Polycarbonate body, polyurethane gasket
Alcance de temperatura -40° to 65°C / -40° to 150°F
Identificação internacional de proteção NEMA 4X, IP66