Anova Unify and Anova Go News – May

May 24, 2024

Anova announces updates to its platforms, Anova Unify and Anova Go – Unifying Data, Revealing New Insight, and Driving ROI.

Anova Unify

In the last couple months we’ve been working on improving the overall Anova Unify experience with a focus on clients migrating from other Anova platforms to Unify. This includes a wide range of features from new tank deployments, reporting, level charts, etc..

See our innovations here:

  • Ability to link a device after a new site and tank is created
  • Set a user default report
  • Tank level charts now display labels with data point value
  • New report fields
  • tanks related fields have been added
  • Device related fields have been added
  • Site related field has been added

Set a user default report

We’ve got a lot of feedback from customers indicating they were missing the possibility to set a
default report. As most customers customize the base reports to their needs and liking, it becomes
important to be able to set those reports as the default ones, so the users won't have to select the
same report each time they want to browse their tank levels in a certain region or depot. That being said, users can now set a default report per distributor in the Operations and Devices
apps. This means each time a user opens one of these applications, Unify will display the user's
default report automatically. If no default report has been set yet then Unify shows either the base
report (e.g. Tanks List in Operations) or the report that was last open.

Tank level charts now display labels with data point values

Our customers voiced the need to better understand the value of a certain data point in time, just by looking at a tank level chart. Therefore, the tank level charts in both the Operations and Devices apps now show a label hover data points. The first and last data points in the selected time period are always displayed, and then you will see more labels based on the number of level readings, distributed across the chart.

The same approach is used in the Battery, Network and Temperature charts in the Devices app.

New report fields

Our customers shared they love the reporting functionality in Unify. However, we’ve also got feedback about the need to add additional fields to support new use cases. To make use of the new fields, just create a new report in either the Operations or Devices apps and drag the ones you need to the selected region on the right, or edit your existing reports.

The following Tank related fields have been added:

– Tank ID

– ERP External ID

– Days to warning

– Days to critical

– Days to very critical

– Days to empty

– Forecast empty at

The following Device related fields have been added:

– Channel

– Temperature ºF

– Temperature ºC


The following Site related field has been added:

– Distributor external reference


Anova Go

Anova Go 1.0.15 is the latest version available in both Apple and Android app stores. This version has several new features and stability improvements.

Ability to use miles or kilometers as the distance measurement unit

Users are now able to choose which distance unit they want to use. From the Home screen go to your account settings and tap Units. Then, either select Metric (kilometers) or Imperial (miles). Anova Go will show the distance to the asset in the selected unit.

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Sorting and filtering

Users can now select different sorting, filtering, and card layout options from the tank list view. Any selections are kept across user sessions.

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Sensor alias

Anova Go is now able to display any sensor alias that have been defined in Unify. As an Anova Go user you may not be able to configure a sensor alias, but you will be able to see the alias as you use the app.