Other Industries

Anova is able to build a monitoring system for virtually any industry. Whatever your monitoring needs, Anova can create a custom solution.

Other Industries SOLUTIONS


Easily manage farm and agricultural equipment like grain dryers, barn and coop heaters, diesel containers, and livestock water tanks.

Cold Chain

Protecting perishable product is paramount for cold chain businesses. Get continuous monitoring and alerts of temperature changes to prevent losses.

Food & Beverage

In fast-paced consumer environments, stock levels can change quickly. Keep tabs on exactly what customers have left and set automatic reorder notifications.


Stockouts can bring production to a screeching halt. Eliminate the guesswork and keep customers productive with current, accurate inventory levels.

Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

Temperature is critical for the production of beer, wine, and spirits. Don’t put your process at risk - get customizable alerts and reporting with Anova.