Mobile Asset Tracking

Anova monitors and tracks ISO and other mobile assets in transit around the world, on land and at sea.

Features & Benefits

GPS trip tracing and geo-fencing with Google Maps & Baidu integration

Ability to monitor and alert on multiple operational parameters, on multiple tanks, simultaneously

Explosion-proof solutions with worldwide certifications

Complete, real-time visibility

The up-to-date information you want, at your fingertips: level, pressure, location, vibration, and more. Plus, historical logs and bread-crumb maps.

Operational alerts

Get alerts on specific parameters, like damaging impact, dangerous pressure buildup, route deviation, or asset arrival.

Loss prevention & audit protection

Considerable financial losses can occur when product leaks or spoils due to equipment failure, especially for product that’s in transit for multiple weeks. Anova systems help minimize loss by allowing you to respond in a timely manner and creating a paper trail.