Anova is a group of passionate, talented individuals. We have come together with a shared vision – to connect the industrial world for better.

We build incredibly powerful industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions that are used around the world. Steadfastly and reliably, we gather and report critical information from industrial tanks and other equipment on ships, trains and trucks on the move, from snow-covered fields, isolated oilfields and many other locations.

With our powerful cloud-based software, clients see exactly what is going on with those remote tanks, often across the thousands of locations they serve. Our comprehensive software analytics help customers spot important trends, gain new insight, and take rapid action. Our alerts help them prevent dangerous industrial accidents or runouts.

Clients rely on our software solutions to become more efficient, optimize costs, grow their businesses, and build customer loyalty.

We are very proudly “one” Anova, built by integrating the best in Industrial IoT technology and expertise. Anova monitors more than 800,000 assets across nearly 80 countries for over 2000 clients, from family businesses to the largest LPG, industrial gases, and chemicals companies in the world. Our scale is global. Our service is local. Our customers consider us their technology partner.


Our commitment to our customers
Anova works directly with customers, taking a holistic approach with tailored solutions. Our customers refer to us as their partner, not their vendor.
Our mission

To make our world more safe, efficient, and reliable through connected solutions… every day.

By partnering with Anova and the Transform process… we were able to increase our average fill rate to 57% on monitored tanks.
Chuck Clement IV, CTO, Eastern Propane & Oil

Anova is led by a veteran team with decades of international experience in gas distribution, remote monitoring, and industrial technology.

Chet Reshamwala


Regina Guarracino


Brian Wing


Danelle DiLibero

SVP, People & Culture

Kevin Lynch

SVP, Industrial Gases

Dillan Fernando

SVP, LPG, Fuels & Lubricants

Bridget Piraino

VP, Marketing

André Pimentel

Andreas Konzelmann

Avril Bothma

Brad Andersen

Christian Lockhart

Dino Costa

Eric Duckworth

John Winner

Leslie Waller

Paolo Traverso

Robert Battye

William Qu

Doug Brent

Former CTO Emeritus at Trimble Inc.

Bill Kroll

Former Chairman & CEO at Matheson TriGas

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