Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Delivery optimization is essential to distributors’ profitability. Anova remote monitoring increases efficiency - reducing costs without sacrificing service levels.

Features & Benefits

Customer inventory visibility to drive decision making

Route optimization tools to reduce labor and road miles

Forecasting and planning functionality to confidently lower average fill points

Lower labor costs

Distributors’ largest controllable expenses are vehicle costs and labor. Reduce personnel fees by sending drivers and technicians to the right place at the right time, without wasteful trips.

Increased per-delivery profitability

Service customer tanks only when needed. Schedules based on data - not guesswork - mean fewer trips, bigger drop-offs, and better margins.

Better capacity utilization

By reducing the average level at which you service a customer’s tank, you can significantly decrease the number of deliveries per year, making limited trucks and drivers as efficient as possible.

Route optimization

Anova’s route planning tools help you send trucks on the shortest possible route to cut fuel costs and save time.

Reduced capital costs

Less time on the road means longer vehicle lifespans and cuts down repair and replacement of overused equipment.