Wesroc App

Propane, Fuels & Lubricants, Water & Waste Water, Other Industries

North America

Designed for the personnel in the field, the app enables LPG and fuel oil businesses to be more knowledgeable, flexible, and efficient while on the move.

Key Features

  • Scan bar codes instead of typing serial numbers for faster installation of new hardware
  • Tank location capture via mobile device GPS
  • Access to detailed asset information while on-site
  • Customizable favorites for assessing priority locations quickly and easily
Streamlined setup process

The app provides step-by-step instructions to make installations fast and easy. Receive instant feedback upon a successful connection to WESROC.net, eliminating the need for additional equipment on the job site.

Powerful reporting features right on your phone

The app features the reporting capabilities that WESROC.net users know and love: tank levels, history, temperatures, and other monitored data is easy to access and view.