gasworld: Anova sets out vision after rebranding from DataOnline

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Anova, the new name and look for DataOnline and its three wholly-owned businesses, has set out a three-point business strategy following its rebranding.

After three acquisitions (WESROC, Wikon, and iTank), DataOnline unveiled a new look and name as part of a soft launch at gasworld’s CO2 Summit in Austria in March. The New Providence, New Jersey-based company then prepared for a formal launch on April 2 after completing its website ( and social media channels.

Anova specializes in robust and reliable devices and sensors, remote data collection, global wireless communications and web-based applications. It delivers data insights to reduce costs, prevent stockouts, and improve its customers’ service.

Anova CEO Chet Reshamwala believes the rebranding will facilitate more efficient collaboration between the four business units.

“Rebranding as Anova really formalizes the relationship – optimizing our resources and enhancing delivery of service to customers across the geographies and markets that Anova serves,” Reshamwala told gasworld in an exclusive interview.

“The reason for the name change is that DataOnline and its wholly owned businesses which include WESROC, Wikon, and iTank, have been collaborating since we came together in 2018. The rebranding allows our partners to know that regardless of their business or region, they can turn to Anova for powerful, remote monitoring solutions, more than 20 years of industry expertise and personalized service. Also, a single brand allows us to collaborate more efficiently with customers who span multiple end markets.”

“It also reflects that we have consolidated our engineering teams to better leverage our entire knowledge base and deliver innovations in critical areas that our customers are looking for, such as increasing battery life, emerging wireless technologies, enhancing the use of mobile apps and enhancing data analytics, and predictive maintenance.”

As for the choice of name, Reshamwala explained, “Essentially we are taking the best of all worlds and bringing them together under Anova. The name Anova comes from analysis of variance. It’s a type of statistical test used in scientific and industrial measurement. It reflects everything the company provides to customers including data collection, insight, analysis, measurement, intelligent decision making and a positive impact.”

New name, but Reshamwala says Anova’s customers can expect enhanced customer service spanning the globe.

“From a standpoint of day-to-day experience, little is going to change for our customers and partners,” Reshamwala told gasworld. “They are going to work with the same great people that they have always worked with, who have decades of experience and provide a personalized experience, but we are now all Anova employees, so we are able to work as one singular global brand. It really positions us as the industry leader that we are today.”

Going forward as one

Under the new name, Anova has a three-point strategy and vision for the future. “Our vision this year is to deliver the very best in three primary areas: customer economics, customer experience and process and operating excellence,” Reshamwala told gasworld.

“With customer economics, we’re focused on optimizing each of our customer’s return on investment in our products and services. We do that by reducing road miles required for monitoring, reducing unnecessary trips, and other key metrics. We have been able to deliver 10-20% savings on industrial tank monitoring in one year – and that’s savings to our customers’ bottom line in terms of their operating expenses. Their payback when customers invest in our remote monitoring solutions can be as little as under one year and often in cases less than one and half years.”

“In terms of customer experience, this year we are focused on delivering the best engineering support across our mobile and web platforms for our customers. The rebrand will allow us to better leverage our entire knowledge base globally and deliver innovations in critical areas.”

“The last point is around excellence. We are committed as we have been for the last 20 years on providing the industry leading security, best in class quality and product excellence. That’s how the market knows us and none of that is going to change under Anova. If anything, it is going to get better.”

“The Anova brand represents a renewed commitment to innovation and global customer engagement,” said Reshamwala in a statement formally announcing the rebrand.

“Our clients will also benefit from a consolidated engineering team that is better able to leverage our entire knowledge base to deliver innovations in critical areas such as improved battery life, emerging wireless technologies, mobile apps and predictive maintenance.”

Anova will continue to use its legacy brands for industry-specific product lines over the coming year to ensure a smooth transition for customers.

This initiative follows a pivotal 2018, during which DataOnline completed the acquisitions of Wikon, iTank, and Independent Technologies (owner of the WESROC brand), increasing its global footprint to more than 1,000 customers in nearly 70 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Over the last 12 months, the company has increased its headcount over five times to support its exponential growth in sales, data solutions, customer service and success, technical support, research and development, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.

The full interview and article will appear in the May US print edition of gasworld.