Heritage Propane: “WESROC has definitely helped us be more efficient…”

“WESROC has definitely helped us be more efficient with our deliveries. We love them! Incorporating WESROC monitors into our business was a great decision, our reduced payroll is evidence of that.

We’ve used a number of their competitor’s monitors in the past, and they just weren’t getting the job done. We have since replaced all of them with WESROC monitors. WESROC’s high standards

for quality are in line with what we expect for our business.

We’ve deployed different types of WESROC monitors, a few satellite monitors here and there, but most of them are cellular monitors. We’ve got them on propane tanks, both residential and commercial. Soon we will be monitoring tanks on the oil side of our business so that we are just as efficient with those deliveries.”

Thomas Daros, Sr.


Heritage Fuel & Propane