Anova Unify™

Anova Unify™ – Seamlessly Building Better Businesses 

Unifying Data, Revealing New Insight, and Driving ROI 

New Providence, NJ —April 25, 2022 —Anova, the award-winning Industrial IoT innovator, today announced the releaseof Anova Unify™, the platform for unifying and managing industrial asset data. Serving producer and marketer businesses for over 30 years, Anova’s single, united platform, is fast, intuitive, and equipped with a comprehensive set of transformation, consumer enablement and business intelligence capabilities. Able to unify and analyze all of their data in one place, users gain an unparalleled level of operational optimization. They can scale up business intelligence, on-demand, resting easy with rigorous security and data privacy protection. The platform also shares tank and other data with major business systems via ready-made bi-directional integrations, and Anova Unify APIs. Highly scalable, optimizing a business, retaining a team, and engaging customers has never been more unified, easy, and effective. 

“Supply chain issues, labor shortages, inflation, and increasing regulation make digitalization the imperative for industrial providers. The ability to unify all your data in one place, derive real business intelligence from that data, and identify next steps, has never been more important. Anova Unify simplifies and speeds the digitalization process, delivering a timely and critical edge for our customers,” says Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova. 


Highlights of Anova Unify Include: 

  • A streamlined user experience 
  • Fast, intuitive, and scalable platform with all data in one place 
  • Business intelligence, on-demand 
  • Unparalleled customer engagement 
  • A full suite of bi-directional integrations and APIs 
  • Rigorous security and data privacy 
  • The ability to import tank level data from other vendors via FTP and API 


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About Anova:
Anova is connecting the industrial world for better by digitizing the supply chains of the manufacturers and distributors of LPG/Propane, industrial gases, chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and other products. Through innovation in remote telemetry analytics and technology, including tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and predictive maintenance of related industrial equipment, Anova has enabled new levels of operational insight, efficiency, and consumer experience. Anova cloud-native solutions are used in over 80 countries around the world, providing insight on close to a million industrial assets, and support in 12 languages. The company’s 2,000+ clients run the gamut from small, regional businesses to the world’s largest LPG/Propane, industrial gases, and chemicals manufacturers and distributors. Anova is the only globally deployed company in the remote telemetry space, reflecting its long-earned trust and reliability, the breadth of asset type monitoring solutions, and its universal communication network and satellite communications support. For more information, visit 


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