Anova Enables Sigfox & LoRa Communications over new Universal Tank Monitor

Anova sets a new standard in Low-Power, Long-Range, Tank Monitoring Affordability, Reliability, and Versatility

New Providence, NJ, USA — June 29, 2022 —Anova, the trusted innovator and leader in remote tank monitoring, today announced the Anova Universal Tank Monitor LPWAN (Anova UTM LPWAN) product for energy marketers. Built upon more than 30 years of Anova’s combined experience and deep industry expertise, the Anova UTM LPWAN meets the need for a global, affordable tank monitor that works with multiple tanks simultaneously leveraging long-range, low-power communications with global roaming.  The UTM LPWAN delivers accurate daily tank level readings via Sigfox or LoRa with optional GPS location. Cost-effective, versatile and intrinsically safe by design, the UTM LPWAN is safe to install in any hazardous location.


Anova clients are already benefiting from the UTM LPWAN.  “We are delighted to see our input to Anova reflected in the new UTM-LPWAN tank monitor. This affordable and versatile device will truly help advance the digitalization of our industry.” states Olivier Magaud, Operations Director Antargaz and Telemetry Project leader, UGI International

“We want to give our customers more control of their tank monitoring solutions and provide them with optimal ways to increase profits. The Anova UTM LPWAN does just that. Customer are our priority and our methodology reflects Anova’s ‘customer first’ mindset. Extending our Hardware-as-a-Service product line to include a more compact version of the UTM delivering tank level readings via Sigfox or LoRa makes the UTM LPWAN affordable with easy installation anywhere. Our advanced analytics to monitor tanks makes Anova the trusted remote tank monitoring partner. ” noted Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova.


Highlights of the Anova UTM LPWAN solution include: 

/ Versatility 

Monitors a broad array of digital inputs across multiple applications.

/ Cost-Effectivity 

Leverages low-power, long-range, low-cost communication protocols for easy installation and affordable use, anywhere.

/ Reliability 

15-year battery, optional GPS, alerts and reports, replaceable-cable design, and multiple mounting accessories.


Contact an Anova expert about the Anova UTM LPWAN and how to bundle it with Anova’s optional Hardware-as-a-Service monthly subscription.


About Anova

Anova is connecting the industrial world for better by digitizing the supply chains of the manufacturers and distributors of LPG/Propane, industrial gases, chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and other products. Through innovation in remote telemetry analytics and technology, including tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and predictive maintenance of related industrial equipment, Anova has enabled new levels of operational insight, efficiency, and consumer experience. Anova cloud-native solutions are used in over 80 countries around the world, providing insight on close to a million industrial assets, and support in 12 languages. The company’s 2,000+ clients run the gamut from small, regional businesses to the world’s largest LPG/Propane, industrial gases, and chemicals manufacturers and distributors. Anova is the only globally deployed company in the remote telemetry space, reflecting its long-earned trust and reliability, the breadth of asset type monitoring solutions, and its universal communication network and satellite communications support. For more information, visit 

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